It's hard to explain, but I have an almost physical need inside me to create images. I am drawn to the light -- the way it falls on a cheek bone, the way it sparkles off any certain surface. I yearn to preserve the fleeting moments before they can dance away. It's innate, it's relaxing, and it is, without any question, what I feel I was born to do. I find immeasurable value in the still moment. Especially now, when we are all constantly being stimulated by so much content, the power in preserving a single instant in time that will never come back again remains paramount. From weddings to portraits to my first love, photojournalism, I only hope these photographic slices of life I create can continue to tell stories long after I am gone.

"The love of comfort is often the enemy of greatness."

After nearly eight years in the town where I first learned how to operate a camera, Chapel Hill, NC, I finally got the guts to pack my bags and moved to New York City in 2014. Here I am, missing the comforts of a place where many know my name, but delightfully terrified. There's something so beautifully scary about trying new things. 

With exciting weddings in Mexico, St Thomas, and the Bahamas under my belt, I am welcoming all opportunities to travel for projects & destination weddings. If you have an idea, trust that I'm willing to travel to make it happen :)  I will be focusing on personal projects, with emphasis on themes of sexuality, freedom, human rights and today's culture. I'm also exploring video projects, so if you have a motion-based idea, please inquire. Be sure to check my personal blog above to stay updated on my adventures & photojournalism projects.  

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